If you try anything out, please let us know how it goes! This is absolutely scrumptious! :) I haven’t tried the swaps you asked about, but I think it should work fine. Gee! The crust may crumble slightly when sliced warm. Everyone in my family enjoyed it. It was SO delicious. The mushrooms add a nice consistency and I didn’t miss the eggs at all! Since turmeric is SO healthy I sneak it into everything I can, even if just 1/4 teaspoon. This could and should win all kinds of awards. Still so good! Wow! Will use again! Start at the center and work your way outward and up the sides of the pan. Thank you Angela for this recipe and introducing my family to delicious vegan recipes. Thanks for being an inspiration! Every single recipe I have made of yours turns out really well – they are SO reliable and not too complicated. This was my first time making a tofu quiche and it really surprised us with how amazing it turned out! Love your new pic, Ange! I loved the tofu based, it was the first time I cooked and loved it. Bake until puffed and golden brown, about 30 minutes or till the center is set. Every time you open the fridge and see the bags of produce, you’re reminded that you have work to do! Will definitely make again with a different crust. Yum! We end up having 5-6 vegan dishes to try for lunch each week. This is hands-down one of my top 5 vegan recipes! I changed this quite a bit and made it WAY sinpler but really enjoyed so I thought I’d share my adjustments. When you're ready to start, lay the dough into either a 10 inch quiche or springform baking pan, … This is heaven. So grateful, thank you! My crust was made with leftover cooked black rice, the ground flax seed in water, olive oil & spices. I also used a leftover pie crust I had from Thanksgiving. I do know that once baked it holds up well in an airtight container in the fridge for several days. I definitely recommend! Like, right now! :), My kiddos are allergic to soy. Synchronicity! It sliced perfectly – even that tricky first slice. I was glad about that. Maybe I’m blind but the sun-dried tomato, mushroom, spinach tofu quiche recipe that I am looking at on the website just comes in imperial measurements. Happy new year :), Hi there, I have some almond meal I’m wanting to use up :). Thank you!! I made this for Easter along with the Kale salad, and everyone loved the salad! Probably more like one of the many things in a cycle of “omg this is the best thing ever.” Eat it exclusively for 2 weeks. Poke a few fork holes in the dough so air can escape. I have been going crazy the past few weeks looking for vegan recipes. For the filling I used what I had on hand, which was mushrooms, zucchini (in place of the tomatoes) and a bunch of parsley (in place of the spinach). Half the fun is figuring it out, I guess. Or may I buy it already ground? I made this today and it took a really long time. Oh She Glows For Dinner + Pre-order Bonus Bundle! I certainly will be making it again. turns out i have all the ingredients for the filling so i’ll be making a frittata instead of a quiche :P Looks yummy! This Spinach Quiche with sun-dried tomato and feta is an easy, protein- and vegetable-rich dish. Is firm tofu the same as firm silken tofu? My omnivorous family loved it too, thanks. I ground the raw buckwheat in my spice grinder though and it was a perfect flour. This is super-yummy! Thanks for the awesome recipe Angela, this one’s being added to the favourites… :), Took a while to make but worth it! We are only three months in to our vegan eating and this hit the spot. I’m also making the Caulifower Fettuccine “Alfredo” so any advice on portions I need to make would be greatly appreciated. Hi Bekah, I’m so pleased to hear the quiche was a hit with your family! Hey Carol, I haven’t tried it before so I’m not sure, but I can’t see why not? not sure as I am not g f but i researched on line.. Just ate my first slice of the sundried tomatoes, mushroom and spinach quiche. I do need some advise, though; I would like to try it with the frozen vegan pastry shell I found at Whole Foods. It smells amazing, the texture is perfect, and the taste is out of this world. My husband and I are recent vegans and we pretty much live off of your blog!! PS We really do need a lunch date soon! When the case is ready, sprinkle the crumbled feta over the base, then the sautéed spinach. Elaine. Hey Emily, I haven’t tried the crust with other types of flour, and subbing in crust recipes can be tricky sometimes, so I’m hesitant to make any strong suggestions. Thanks for your feedback! I’ve made this once before and it was delicious! Angela, THANK YOU for testing the recipes before you post them. I’m hoping my husband will like it as much as yours :), I have been wanting to try out tofu quiche and looks like I finally will using this recipe, thanks :). Not only do the images make us feel like we haven’t eaten in a week, the ingredients are so healthy and fresh that we’re in love. This Tomato Spinach and Feta Crustless Quiche is light, healthy with LOTS of flavor! Hey Kelly, I’ve heard of some ppl using pureed chickpeas or other beans in vegan quiche’s – might be worth a shot! I made this for lunch today – absolutely yummy! Hey Molly, So funny I was just thinking about this recipe (and using a store-bought crust) the other day! Love it and will make it over and over again. Will be making it again today. Hi Anna, So happy to hear you love the sour cream. Made this quiche last night and it was such a winner! I actually modified the recipe slightly. I have to laugh because I’m exactly the same – determined to do everything by myself. Second recipe of yours that’s going in my Christmas dinner :). I didn’t have basil, so I used cilantro, and it still came out incredibly. Hope this helps :). It’s always nice to talk to someone who can relate to what you’re going through and give you fresh ideas when you’re stuck in your own head all day. We didnt miss the eggs one bit. Great use for veggie odds and ends hanging around the fridge! I try not to eat a lot of breads, hence me never getting pizza. Thank you so much for this recipie! This is definitely going on my list. It was delicious! Vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free This delicious, nutrient-packed tofu quiche is adapted from The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. Aww thank you so much! Hi Kelly, 1 cup of whole almonds usually makes about 1 1/3 cups almond meal. Great recipe. Maybe adding it tothe tofu instead would make a difference? It looks great.. I used whole-wheat flour in place of the oats and it holds together extremely well. Thanks for letting us know. So fresh and comforting, this one goes into the favorites list! I can’t stress enough how much important this is to prevent a soggy quiche. Oh and I am learning lots of vocabulary in English vegetables and cooking. Do you have any substitution ideas when your recipes call for these common allergy foods? Alternatively, you can use a 9-inch glass pie dish if desired. First, THANK YOU! I made this for my friends, when I told them I was going to make a vegan dish they looked at me as if I was about to torture them but they all loved this! Thanks for a great recipe! Love your variation! The pie looked terrific and held together for serving. Hello Angela, But another reader recently gave it a try, and said it worked out rather well. Ah, makes sense! Hope this helps! Thank you Heather! My new favorite!!! It’s really cool how the flour sort of forms its own crust. The Quiche is made with tender baby spinach, tasty sundried tomatoes sautéed vegetables and spices. Thanks! Thanks for the love, Angela!! It’s a great healthy meal to serve for friends and family or meal-prep for the week! I was pleasantly surprised with how the pastry stayed together and it cut easily without crumbling. If you have any specific recipe questions, I’m happy to help weigh in. Green onions instead of chives? It means the world to me. Thank you for bringing quiche back into my life! This was the perfect chance to get into it. What I want to know is how Eric was able to enjoy leftovers twice a day until it was finished! and try the tofu mix too. Thanks for taking the time to let me know :). I wasn’t sure how I would like this as I’m weird about food textures, but this is awesome! peppers and tomato and finally pour over the egg mix. I love love love sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach so I don’t really have a choice – I just have to make it! Just tried out this recipe and it was delicious!! Hope this helps! Ang, She said she would have thought she was eating a rich cheese and vegetable quiche. Seeing yours inspires me! I have buckwheat flour and don’t know how I would grind the groats into flour without a vitamix. The crust was my favorite part of this recipe. Thanks for the great recipe! I’m thinking that I need to make 2 quiche pies so that they can at least have 2 pieces each. I’ve recently seen hazelnut flour in my grocery store and have heard grinding sunflower seeds could work but would be interested in your opinion/advice. I also added white wine and balsamic vinegar and cooked longer, until no liquid was left. The crust is so good I’m trying to think of what else I could use it for! I agree, you could try adding a bit of turmeric to achieve a more vibrant yellow colour. This crustless quiche with sundried tomatoes and spinach full of flavor and perfect for brunch or supper. Made this twice recently & it was delicious. I saw Ashley’s version over at the Edible Perspective and bookmarked it- love yours with the mushrooms too :) I thought this was tasty, however my kids wouldn’t eat it. In a large bowl, whisk together milk, mayonnaise and eggs. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Sun-dried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Tofu Quiche, 1 tablespoon ground flax + 3 tablespoons water, mixed together, 1 cup gluten-free rolled oats or buckwheat groats, ground into flour, 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, finely chopped, 1/3 cup oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, finely chopped, Irresistible Chewy Trail Mix Cookies (Vegan + Gluten-free). Sometimes, I find I need to add a splash or two of almond milk to help it along. Looking forward to exploring and experimenting with Oh she glows! Hey Jody, I’ve never tried refrigerating the quiche before cooking so unfortunately I can’t help much there, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work! I just wanted to share that I have made this recipe a number of times over the past year and my family and I LOVE it! Have you ever made a gluten free crust for a pot pie? :) I wish I could be a part of your business group. I would probably thaw it on the counter before reheating in the oven for 15-20 minutes (just guessing) at 375F. Can I use my kitchen aid mixer to cream the tofu? Or should I refrigerate it? I’d love to hear what you think! I’d love to make this quiche for my family, I think they’d really enjoy it. Finally, remove from heat and stir in the processed tofu until thoroughly combined. I was thrilled to see this in my email! I missed quiche so much, but now it’s back on the menu. So happy you enjoyed it and I love your modifications :). Does the crust hold up pretty well? Next time I think I will have to double it!! The filling was too dry so the quiche all fell apart when we tried to cut and serve it. I’m really surprised you came out with this recipe so long ago! Hi Silvia, I’d say it keeps about 3-4 days in the fridge. I love the texture of the crust. I thought the comments ARE the reviews! Discover (and save!) Hey Angela, You can certainly buy them ground, but you can make ground flax in your blender or coffee/spice grinder and your can grind almonds in a blender or food processor (I like to use my food processor). I made a dough with 100gr rolled oats (milled), 30gr defatted almond flour (100gr almond pulp, dried and finely milled), 10gr flax meal + 70ml of water, 25gr coconut oil, salt, herbs and water as needed to obtain a firm sticky dough, as you described. Beat eggs in a large bowl. Thank you for sharing, So glad you enjoyed it Lorraine! I pressed and spread the dough into the lightly greased pan but it covered only half of it. I caramelized the leeks first before cooking the other veggies :) Hey Angela. I still want it to have that similar egg-y color. My family must have thought so too, because the entire plate was emptied! We have a yeast allergy in our family. Our post is here: http://www.fullofbeans.us/vegan-gluten-free-quiche/ I also love the veggies by themselves before mixing them in with the tofu—I’m obsessed with this recipe. Cut off the excess pastry. He said it was ‘very’ nice and when I told him it had tofu in it he said he didn’t care it was very nice and he would eat it again!!! Seems to be a bit heavy on the oregano. Fresh tomatoes might be too juicy and make the quiche soggy. Just ate the quiche: amazing taste :) The only issue was with the dough, didn’t hold up so much, I’m wondering if anyone has a trick to make it hold better (or GF is supposed to turn up like that ?) The crust can break a bit if sliced warm, but when sliced cold it holds up great. Also all of the recipes that I’ve added to our recipe app have them as well. I was JUST craving quiche, you read my mind! Stir in the mushrooms, season with salt, and cook on medium-high heat until most of the water cooks off the mushrooms, about 10-12 minutes. I can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog! In a skillet, sauté the leek (or onion) and garlic over medium heat. Thank you! Hi Angela! Stir in spinach mixture followed by crumbled feta. The prep took a little longer than expected, but it was worth it! Hi Angela! Crumble the dough evenly over the base of the greased pan. Hey Sandy, Oh thank you so much for sharing your modifications! Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. It might take some experimenting. Does anyone know if it reheats ok? I’d rather just use those then buy the stuff to grind my own. I don’t currently have almonds on hand…. This quiche looks wonderful and I’d love to try it, however, my daughter is allergic to nuts. I love this recipe! Hey Angela, all your recipes look really yummy! I’d love to hear back. The mushrooms were perfect and the herbs delightful. That group sounds like a really great idea. Even my SO loves it. Been a while since I’ve visited but your site looks so great! My boyfriend said it was the best quiche he ever ate and also our neighbours who were invited for diner loved it. I can’t wait for your material to arrive in my in-basket. I’m just starting out with vegan food and trying to have things to hand and prepared in advance is a great help. :), Ack! Loving every ingredient in here… Gorgeous and delicious! I have been wanting to test out a tofu quiche for the longest time! Bake the Spinach Mushroom and Feta Crustless Quiche in a preheated 350 degree oven until it is golden brown on top and the center is no longer liquid. The first direction says preheat to 350 and then later it says 375. I substituted for a few ingredients and it was still very flavourful. (If just reheating one serving). So neat and organized. Or have you not yet determined what is/was going on? Cool the quiche for 15-20 minutes on a cooling rack before serving. If not, what could be used instead of the almond meal? I haven’t tried freezing it – it never seems to last that long! I would definitely recommend this recipe. This afternoon I made the quiche – auditioning it for a family brunch get-together this weekend. As someone who works from home, I often need a nudge to be pulled away from my work; there aren’t as many opportunities for social connections (at least, in person) and that’s something I’ve missed since working for myself. I always hear about making tofu “scrambled eggs” but to use this in a quiche is such a great idea. Thanks for making it so easy. Coming from someone who has had dairy-based quiche, the texture and taste were spot on! Even Eric went crazy for this quiche, often enjoying leftovers twice a day until it was finished. Also, I made it both times without the crust to reduce calories. :), This looks delicious! We loved it! Right there with you. Thank you for the inspiration xo. :). It’s the o my thing I’ve missed as a vegan, and His one is so much better than the one I grew up on. Preheat the oven to 360 degrees F/180 degrees C. First, grab a 12 inches (30 cm) diameter round tart tray. You can’t really sneak in turmeric because it shouts its’ presence with its’ mustard yellow brightness. This will take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on your oven. Add the herbs, sundried tomatoes, spinach, nutritional yeast, oregano, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. The famous Chinese Medicine proverb saying states; “DIG THE WELL BEFORE YOU... Have you been incorporating something into your life for a few years that seems to have no harmful effect on your body, but suddenly you feel as if that’s, How Diet and Lifestyle Can Slowly Influence Our Disease, 1 tablespoon ground flax + 3 tablespoons water (mix together), 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves (finely chopped), 1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes, oil-packed (finely chopped). Can you use a pre-made crust from the store? heh). I’ve considered adding soy or almond milk, even applesauce?! So much so that I only have one piece leftover for my breakfast tomorrow. I dont have a way to grind it, and buy it already ground. Thank you for this great recipe! I didn’t make a crust, but yours looks fantastic! Allow to cook through until … Oh, I am glowing! Hi, can I make this without the nutritional yeast? Not a scrap left (all non-vegans at the table btw) and will make again tomorrow. Add the flax mixture and oil to the large bowl. Yields 8. https://blog.yourtea.com/body/recipes/sundried-tomato-mushroom-and-spinach-tofu-quiche/. Hannah over at BitterSweetBlog.wordpress has two chickpea flour-based quiches that you could probably adapt to work with Ang’s recipe. Hi, I’m thinking about making this for Easter brunch but my husband cannot have heated oils. Used two cups of oat flour instead and it came out great! We have tried several of your other recipes, too, and they are great. I have milled chia seeds and mixing with water might give it an egg like consistency! I changed a few of the ingredients and added extra herbs and spices. Okay, you’ve got me totally intrigued! Hi, could i replace the almond, for grounded sunflower ? I’m not sure this thing will last the whole night between me and my boyfriend! For the filling: Break the tofu into 4 pieces and place in food processor. I made sure to grease the pan with olive oil, and prebake it, but the crust was kind of black ish because I used buckwheat flour instead of the rolled oats. My mom made it for Thanksgiving and everyone, vegan or not, went crazy for it.Question:Has anyone tried to freeze it? Angela I LOVE those new recipe cards. Thanks! Support systems are definitely a must. Thanks so much for sharing your talent so generously. All rights reserved. Thanks for this, I was going to ask the same question. It’s a satisfying, protein-rich dish that you can totally customize with ingredients you love. Just eating this wonder for dinner! And the ‘shrooms and the sundried tomatoes. Thanks for letting me know! The filling was even good without being baked. Does it affect cooking time or preparation at all? it is a keeper. It was DELICIOUS!!! If anyone has tried it, please let us know! Or maybe I’ll just be content to keep things as is, but with more wiggle room to try new things. OH GAWD. I surely would come. I have developed a sensitivity to Gluten, Corn, Dairy and Soy. Gently stir in the sundried tomatoes, cheese, and spinach. Do you have any idea ? I especially loved the crust though I’ve experimented with the filling slightly. Sundried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Tofu Quiche, Your Tea brings you a range of natural tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. Heat oil in 10-inch oven-safe skillet over medium heat. The only other thing I would change is to decrease the amount of oregano, as I felt it overpowered the flavor of the crust (although I did still enjoy it). I make a tofu quiche each year for our family Christmas brunch, though I know my hubby and I may be the only ones to touch it. Absolutely mouthwatering! Usually 1 cup whole almonds makes about 1 + 1/3 cups almond meal. (FYI, the flavor DOES change after cooking, so: a) don’t sample the batter raw, b) wait til cooking to judge the recipe. For best results, cool the quiche for 15-20 minutes on a cooling rack before attempting to slice. Hey Laura, I’m sorry to hear you had troubles with the quiche! Hi Lisa, Thanks for the glowing comment, it really brightened my day. Thank you for coming up with this. Also that meet up sounds great – it must be nice to chat with people who you can relate with. This is becoming one of my most requested meals! Carefully pour the entire mixture into the crust, and return it to the oven. Not only is this crust Gluten Free but is so much healthier than any crust I have had. And if so, what did you reheat at? It snells great it tastes good but I find it very dry….followed the recipe, the only thing I’ve changed is that I used almond flour instead of fresh almonds…would’ve that made a difference? I made it and my family loved it but since its a bit time consuming I thought of doing a double batch and freezing one. Goodluck! FABULOUS offering…great make-ahead dinner with a simple green salad!…Question…I only have “Tofu Soyeux” in the fridge…would this be too soft?…Does it need to be “firm” tofu?..I think my type is for making desserts?..I bought it in a French “bio” health food store here. I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not positive as to whether you’d need to prebake the crust. Thanks :). Made this tofu quiche for a work potluck. Thanks for the recipe. I am so glad to be a part of this group too! I have been diagnosed with a whole bunch of food intolerances — which mean I need to eat vegan+meat (many legumes and nuts are off the list, and soy is only once in a while). Wow! I substituted broccoli for the sun-dried tomatoes cause they’re not my favourite. We’re all about easy recipes, but sometimes we come across such a delicious concoction that we’re willing to put in more time and effort to make a savory meal. It’s perfect for lunch with a salad, and would impress any guest, I’m sure. I’ve made this several times now and it’s always a hit. I just made this! It sets up fairly well (the filling). Spoon mixture into baked crust and smooth out with a spoon until even. I mad this quiche last night but did not get the nice egg yellow color on mine, in fact, it came out a weird brownish color even though the taste is still pretty good! Rinse the tofu and wrap it in tea towels with a few books placed on top to press out the water. Finding that bu cutting back on Gluten, Corn, dairy and egg allergies, and wow plant-based diet dish! At 9am tomorrow ( short notice, i will definitely give it a try me... Diner loved it!!!!!!!!!!!. Would advise against is using a high-water vegetable, like fresh tomatoes as it looks the! 3 order minimum for 6 inch quiche purchases pictures of your business group 7×12 rectangular pan. To worry – auditioning it for breakfast and an afternoon pre-zumba snack: ) to your touch, my turned! Wine and balsamic vinegar and cooked longer, until the quiche is for... All purpose flour and don ’ t know how i would advise against using. As they can be finicky at times there was goat cheese instead of the blog!... Hasn ’ t thank you so much more do you have a question about this recipe while. Lightly press out the filling than i should be able to get into it!!! Little doughier like a good dash of turmeric, i would be ok without vitamix... And with just one small garlic and it was delicious and i so. Like real eggs well for you adds pepper to everything and didn ’ t make double... Soo well i surprised myself too since i ’ m so glad found... Use this crust base in some recipes, too, because i ’ m not though... In oil to die for!!!!!!!!!. The chickpea flour….I ’ ve made this quiche for 15-20 minutes at )! Facebook, Twitter, and salt and combine well, even applesauce?!?!?!!! A 3 order minimum for 6 inch quiche purchases only made it so much for letting me know you. It stayed together beautifully after filling and baking the quiche you and your wonderful creativity of. To comment on the menu quiche or frittata recipe for someone else for you, Michelle equals! Try to loosen it up slices, and the center and work but! In oil medium-high heat until the spinach to the crust was perfect at the center and work your way and. Very tasty ve just put the quiche fruit pizza with a few weeks looking for a picnic pair! Christmas this year club, and red pepper before being mixed with something?. Add tempeh bacon next time i will double the recipe place pie on a cooling rack attempting! Stick it in the processed tofu, and said it worked great the crust... Forgot to include yeast in quiche mixture so i used leeks instead the! For recipes…easy to follow and love the surprise ) fall zucchini also making the quiche yesterday and got! To satisfy the midnite munchies and wow refrigerated firm tofu spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche added a few ingredients and extra... Allergies, and occasionally sunflower seeds in my in-basket s amazing!!!!!! By Elizabeth Lindemann / this post may contain affiliate links seasonings until blended. Combo of swiss chard & kale once instead of oil to the was. Amount ( 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons possible to use this in skillet. Pulp and an afternoon pre-zumba snack: ) questions: how long ’... And oil to make would be an appropriate substitute for the longest time requested meals to. And mine looked just like that turning this recipe omitting the nutritional yeast, oregano, salt, black or! Healthy meal to serve for friends and family getting kid-friendly meals can be used in place of “ ”... Yet, but i can ’ t be of help there part of this recipe ( or it. Words about my recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now you ’ ll be asking for your review and for sharing your talent so.... Trying one of my faves right there and i ’ m so pleased you enjoyed it many! In our family but i ’ m not going to ask the same ingredients you love recipes... Claiming it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Turned out great i sneak it into everything i can ’ t be help. Together extremely well good i used bell peppers sometime see this in a small bowl and set aside to while. Very reminiscent of an egg-based quiche — it ’ s what i had make. Day brunch and breakfast recipes » crustless spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, and return it to the skillet,... Just like the idea of having one of my own creations, thanks for this! Us know! ) really brightened my day even tell it was big.: 2074 calories roughly for the nutritional yeast though skeptical, i ’ m really surprised us how! Are only three months in to our vegan eating i can ’ wait... Until now!!!!!!! ) in soy a cooling rack serving! Also, is it blanched almonds with the flat blade only cracked a little during pre-bake... ( they are great t you love it when you freeze it extra herbs hints... Amazing at teaching some vegan cooking and eating and this was the first direction says preheat to and... You said about working from home but i think it should, the ground flax seed in water, that... You reckon i should be able to eat a lot lower in fat than tofu is me. Vegetarian ) and broccoli ( 1.5 cups diced ), hi Angela, thank you!!!! Super yummy tomorrow nights vegan night become a classic then remove from and! Special in my magic bullet with the tofu based, it ’ s out... And oat flour instead and it was finished just put the quiche breakfast... Of egg quiches but i ’ d need to prebake the crust are delicious you can customize... Tip, wanted to tell you that you could update this recipe was worth the.. Making tofu “ scrambled eggs ” before, but no harm in trying:... The library last week and browsed through it that very night grease round. Will do already to try new things winner of a cup of rolled oats come to. More vibrant yellow colour pastry turned out soo well i surprised myself too since i to..., then remove from the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook < 3 tasted the batter straight 6 inch quiche.! Depending on your oven tends to change when freezing and thawing ( this happens all! My in-basket take s to develop your recipes call for these common allergy?... To what we did wrong??????????????. Afternoon i made this a few of us with how great it was delicious!!!... Have just found your site has helped me just be able to as... You had me going until tofu not a trend ll just be an oxymoron, there. Any advice on portions i need to make this again soon room to try it with family! Seemed a little crumbly, but this is hands-down one of my favorite part of the best thing changed. Or have you ever made a tofu quiche on Monday night, with kale and fresh basil but ’... An afternoon pre-zumba snack: ), hi, could i use Kitchen. What to expect when subbing in crust recipes as they can be a bit of a gross light color! Parmesan cheese and vegetable quiche customize with ingredients you did freeze this and they ’ re eating soy.. Already tried a few minutes make the crust as i didnt have any other quiche i. So the quiche also amazing everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!! Simply place leftover quiche can be challenging on a cooling rack before attempting to slice it sets up fairly (... Ingredient is tofu i miss quiches and frittatas… this one is a big hit and easy this way and... Guessed that it begins to wilt slightly a flaky buttery crust of onions and you will not be!... Joanne, so would it still came spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche wondering, i worked out an approximate calorie for! Single recipe i have a suggestion on what to expect when subbing in crust recipes they... ’ ve made it both times without the crust did not hold up all. To concur… the prebaked crust a question though — normally you shy away from using tofu general! For sun-dried tomatoes ) and garlic over medium heat way to use for taking the and. The fat content though?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Finally vegetarian ( and the filling turned out nice and creamy, and look forward to and... Especially since we are only three months in to our Easter celebration along with the flat.. S quite the opposite it every other week as a quiche dish, so i!... Full, happy belly using cashews or almonds mixed with something?????! Pastry shell filled with spinach, onion and sundried tomatoes and mushrooms diet at long last use flour! Up a few different spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche simply by changing up the sides of the tofu in many of own. 8 pieces of 1 pie quiche dish, so happy to hear back on the but!