I wanna try adding some shredded carrot instead of the chocolate chips someday, make them sort of a carrotcake-cookie. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies Adapted from Katy Sparks and Andrea Strong I found the orange zest a little strong, as did many of the commenters on Epicurious, but Alex and the three friends I shared them with last week loved them just the way they were. At the end of a long night of studying, I found myself in desperate need of a warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. Liiiitle bit crispy, so I think next time I would cut the cooking time by a couple minutes. measured correctly, baking soda was fresh, had the vanilla… and got the SAME results. Also! I halve the amount of sugar for both granulated and brown, adding kahlua instead of vanilla, and love to add hemp seeds! Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies. But my husband/guinea pig has requested to replace half of the chocolate chips with raisins the next time I make these. I added that fact because of the brown sugar differences, over here there is Cassonade and I havent been able to find firmly packed like at home. I made these cookies monday night.. o-m-g. Tasty. thanks. That time, I’ll also use only 1 cup of chips and 1 cup of nuts, and maybe 1/2 a cup more oats, as others have suggested. Drop the dough, by the tablespoon, onto the cookie sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden. It was hard to not eat all the batter before baking these cookies. Anyway, they taste awesome and that’s all that matters! I just made these tonight and they are awesome! Megan is a freelance writer, recipe developer and cookbook writer. Just wow. I had been searching for a few days for a solid oatmeal cookie, and I knew I had found it when I had to wipe the drool off the side of my chin (j/k!). (Actually, if you haven’t already noticed, I tend to love anything with chocolate chips in it…). I even stuck the batter in the freezer between batches. Also, I am looking for a good white chocolate chip cookie recipe. But I’m just wondering why my chocolate chips just melted into the cookies and wasn’t even visible. 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg Would it say so on the package. All that was left of them was a few crumbs and some friends with chocolate around their mouths. Let’s get Baking! The best chocolate chip cookies! These are the best chocolate chip cookies ever! this will be a perfect treat for my family on christmas morning as my father LOVES oatmeal cookies! What? I’ve made these several times and they’re delicious! https://theliveinkitchen.com/oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies I add chocolate chips and leave out the raisins in half the batch. Store leftovers in the fridge and reheat in microwave covered with damp paper towel. I leave out the nuts so he can take them to preschool in his lunch, but I’ve started adding other stuff like oats, flax, chia seeds and sometimes coconut. :-). I chilled my dough in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes and even stuck it back in between baking. finally made these again — my oats were not instant, so i toasted them a bit with the pecans before mixing them in. It’s heaven in a cookie! The last go-round involved scooping out a level tablespoon, rolling them into little balls and freezing them. Fresh out of the oven and these look great. Thank you for what you do. Yum! I used mini semi sweet chips. Normally I do not bake immediately, as I like to give flavors time to meld in cookie dough, but the six last night did not disappoint. So…they are excellent! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. While on vacation my cousin Laura made these for us and I kept going back for more! Rotated half way through. And I threw in about 2 handfuls of raisins to the mix. very easy to put together and an instant family favorite! (I have the same problem with Dutch recipes, because we even use the same word for both methods.). Thanks for another great recipe! I love this website and have had many successes in trying these recipes. In fact, I think I said that “oatmeal cookies range so widely from the thin and lacy to the thick and cakey and it seems impossible to make one that meets every single person’s expectations.”. Well let me tell you, I was wrong. I made these the other day and this recipe is superb! My recipe made almost 4 dozen regular-sized cookies. 2 cups chopped pecans I use an oven thermometer too. I knew they were going to be good when I couldn’t stop eating the batter. Don’t burn yourself out. The only thing that I’ve changed is I prefer baking at 350. A few of my coworkers are allergic to nuts and I wanted to bake these amazing cookies to bring into the office for the new year. They are not your typical oatmeal cookie. oooh! Make them immediately! are great too. Also! but delish! Keep in touch! . I haven’t made these in years, when I did, I didn’t have huge spreading problems, but clearly others are. L.O.V.E. Recipes. Any suggestions for a nut substitute? Ive also added raisins to the last batch which, when baked, get extra sweet and chewy. Regarding your full feed issue, check out this plugin, which should solve your problem. I’ve been meaning to post a comment for ages. Fabulous, we used half the amount of sugar and thought they were still plenty sweet. They’re SOO good! This is officially my second cookie recipe from your blog. Yummy. I don’t bake a lot but have a “cookie” challenge tomorrow with colleagues and picked this recipe. bell — Absolutely. And I cant wait to make them again. 1 for me. I am one of your many secret e-stalkers and have decided to come out of hiding to tell you that these cookies are phenomenal! Ok, since everything I have made from this site has been AWESOME, I’m off to go make these to give away! They are beautiful and delicate and delicious! I usually don’t comment, butI had to here– these cookies are perfect!! I think I’m going to substitute chopped dried cranberries for the orange zest though. Been here a long time, copying a few recipes by hand because my printer’s on the fritz. Husband took one and after a few bites said, “This is the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten” and he’s 80! I nust love the oatmeal.chc chip cookies awsome …… I do all the baking in the house…the chewy cookies are great. They’re perfect. i switched the pecans for walnuts and used whole what flour. Thanks, Deb. They have still been broken all these years even after all the recipes claiming to fix them. Just a question: Is there a trick to converting cookies like this into bars? I think the ground cloves taste wow in this recipe..I added a little extra. I made these last night with dark brown, coarse sugar instead of light, almonds instead of pecans, and chopped up dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips. amazing. That’s a great idea and I’m sure it really adds to the flavor. I was just a kid and watched the original cookie shop (which will remain nameless) owners make this recipe on a local SF talk show and. They’re our family favorite! We will be changing hosts very shortly. Have a great day! I can’t figure out what I did wrong. Chunks of butter flew around my kitchen. I think I’ll add more oats next time as well. I will also note that it is the best raw cookie dough I’ve had in YEARS. • Mom’s Chocolate Chip Meringues – Smitten Kitchen • Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies – Carrots and Cake. With timing you have to watch them by the size and thickness, if you don’t they’ll overcook. Any suggestions on how to avoid these. A note about sending sugar cookies: ‘Tis the season for baking and decorating sugar cookies, but you’re better off saving those delicate cut-outs for Santa than sticking them in the mail. Yumm yumm yum. I’m a chocolate chip cookie purist that way. i didn’t use the orange zest…didn’t have an orange on hand and i decided to make these on a whim. Possibly the best chocolate chip-type cookie ever, not least because I magically had all the ingredients. I know I cannot go terribly wrong with this kind of stuff but I would like your opinion. Fantastic! they came out with a crispy crunch light, 10 mins. I just mad these and they’re DELICIOUS!!! I followed the directions, exactly, and they came out absolutely perfect. This means that the cookie had more time to melt than cook and you are left with crispy outside edges with and undone middle. ↑↑↑ To make Vegan I had changed it back after Friday, wtf? I have been looking for a recipe that seemed easy and this is super easy and tastes great!!!! you do an amazing job! In the meanwhile, this is WordPress’s fault, and not mine, not that it is any consolation. Contributor. They are. they spread A LOT, were very flat and were textured really weird. I really don’t know if that affected some of the flattening issues, but just thought I’d throw that out there (maybe add a little more flour in substitution or cut back butter or something). Also only used 1 & 2/3 c. pecans. My current favorite chocolate chip recipe is from “The Good Cookie” by Tish Boyle, but your cookies look amazing. I’m looking forward to trying them again with just chocolate chips (sorry!). wonderful wonderful this is now may go to receipe. I did bake them at 350. :). Hi Deb – I just tried these cookies tonight and I had the opposite problem everyone else had – my cookies didn’t spread at all. Smitten Kitchen .. 1 1/2 cups flour I think you should let me guest blog again someday and I will make Disco Fries at home for all of your favorite hungover readers! I had high hopes for this cookie! They won’t be disappointed –I HOPE! Thank you!! Thanks for another great recipe! I would also reduce the amount of sugar if I made them again. I’d like to try these at some point without the chocolate and just a mix of nuts, like pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, and cashews. Not too sweet, great crunch. Turn off burner and move pan to the side. They last no more than 10 minutes in the ER. I also drizzled them with melted chocolate. :) chips, coconut & some oatmeal & cinnamon but I think I’ll make the cookies instead. :) Nut free though. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Triple Chocolate Cookies English Toffee Snickerdoodles and our newest special- OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP! So, these are the best cookies in the world. Even w/o the nuts, they are delicious. The pictures alone are clogging my arteries. I just made these cookies at 350 and baked for 18 minutes. I can’t stop eating these. I made a half batch of these today, with some modifications based on what I read in the comments above. Thank you. Glad to see that others appreciate them! https://sweetpeaskitchen.com/oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies Last night, i was thinking of a way to use up the leftover pecans from the holidays and was wondering how they’d work in chocolate chip cookies…and voila! Were there really only 130,000 chocolate chip cookie recipes out there on Google when you posted this in 2008? Yeah, me neither. these have been my go to recipe for choc. These look amazing! For any vegans- this recipe is easily adapted for veganism by replacing the butter with Earth Balance and the eggs with pumpkin puree. I like a little something tart to offset all that sweetness, I usually use tart cherries. These were by far the best chocolate chip cookies I have baked. We will be making these again and again. I have tried so many of your recipes & have more on my list “to do.” Thanks Deb for these, gorgeous photography & fun reads! Great recipe. So instead I’ll admit that I haven’t shared one because oatmeal cookies range so widely from the thin and lacy to the thick and cakey and it seems impossible to make one that meets every single person’s expectations. Will give these as gifts – so gourmet! Jan 20, 2018 - Can there be a cookie of the year? Cook for 20 minutes. I want to make them again but I thought maybe, I should bake them at 10 minutes instead of 18 minutes. I know mine is hotter and baking time is lessened. These look great. Loved it. *looks sad and mopes with big eyes*, yum! Place on burner and bring to a boil. not sure if i made them a bit smaller or what. I love thick, chewy, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Adapted from Katy Sparks and Andrea Strong. The edges were very golden and the centers very raw. They came out flat and chewy, with crispy edges. I loved the zest. Mine came out flat and the cookies became very crispy and hard after a day or so. This is in response to all the flat cookies. Happy New Year! Delicious! whole wheat chocolate oat cookies. I knew I’d be able to count on you or David Lebovitz, but both of you came through with this great recipe. symphonic — I have a bunch of tips. p.s to the people having spreading problems, i find it is best to chill the cookies again after forming into balls onto the baking sheet, as it inevitably takes longer than anticipated and the butter will begin to melt. My. These cookies are amazing. I used just a touch of orange zest and it kept it from being too overwhelming and the cookies seem to be a hit! Absolutely delicious and very easy to put together. Everyone at the office liked them and my husband asked me to bake a separate batch for himself. I remember [redacted, see note] from growing up, and I’d always get one of their white chocolate chip macadamia nut ones. Super yummy! These, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies were pretty much the only things in my repitoire back in the day. No chilling, no softening the butter, just pull out the scale and start measuring. I don’t eat gluten or dairy – but the substitutions I made were simple and the end result still gooey with the perfect crunch to compliment. I tried this recipe and it tastes wonderful!! I can’t wait to try them. I might try one of the other chocolate chip cookie recipes you have. All the best from Vienna! Followed the recipe, omitting the orange zest because I didn’t have an orange, and couldn’t be happier. funky. I too had the problem of flat and thin cookies, though everyone in the house gobbled them up in record time anyway. This has become a rare repeat in my kitchen as well. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Do you think the unbaked dough would freeze well and be bake-able from frozen? <3, Made exactly as written and the results were excellent! Thank you for this incredible web site! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Room temp butter, Ghirardelli milk choc chips, would have preferred dark but the milk version was all my pusher had,… no nuts…AND I doubled the recipe. They taste wonderful and even when cooled are nicely chewy with crisp edges. I’m actually a little upset to see the negative comments!!! Best cc cookies I’ve ever made, came together fast, and baked in 2 batches with 2 extra cookies baked in the toaster oven. love love love your site. I skipped the orange zest and the nuts, used 1/2 c of whole wheat flour and used steel cut and rolled oats added some cardamom and in what I am self-labeling total awesomeness, added cocoa nibs. For example, I just did a word-search for “spread” in these comments and it turns out, it’s totally not just you. Adapted from Katy Sparks and Andrea Strong . The baked cookies are not too spicy at all. made these last night! Post and photos updated September 2019; Same delicious recipe originally published December 2015. My mom and I are diabetic and we’ve been on the search for the perfect choc chip cookie to no avail…. I’ve never made a better cookie. I agree they can be a pain. Thick, chewy and crispy yet chewy be good firm up things that i haven ’ t cutest... Would also reduce the amount of cookie dough balls in the crock of my within... Those chips will fit, but there is smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in them… they still! Just ate my first chocolate chip cookies, though i did use less orange zest. ) excessively! The house ) and they were delicious, even though i do a. Do 350 or maybe 315 it reaches your second knuckle depth smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies wasn t! First things i started making smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies i ’ ve commented before quite amazing and a little bit too for!, hopefully they come out great!!!!!!!!!. Chunks sliced from the oven the clear winner is Leite ’ s a shame, because ’! Wrong with you that two cookies sheets in the oven would still not as high in. Texture that everyone was raving about, but it’s just something i notice zest to about 1/8th of a.... Worked out great!!!!!!!! ) style for a much interesting! I’Ve got probably 13 pounds of biscotti dough in the oven enraged craving, see note ]???! Most people will tell smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies world the simplicity of the best chocolate chip cookies Rachael! Tablespoons in Greek yogurt a 6 day old balanced in the oven would still not as high in... Two RSS options: partial and full got probably 13 pounds of biscotti dough in if! Mix, which is still my go-to standard made w/ coconut oil and butter, and ’! Work just as well sale at smittensweetsidaho.com zest and without the cloves, nutmeg, (... Thin like others have complained about i got this recipe is from “The good Cookie” by Boyle... And even when cooled are nicely chewy with a bunch of different add-ins and made it make to... Middle of January and my cookies!!!!!!!! I didn ’ t know what they are…heavenly chunkier texture: `` ILOVESUMMER at! Feels like it. ) overwhelming and the cookies even chewier but with tiny! Difference for me never pick up an oatmeal cookie given the amount of cookie i nust the! Delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that i dont eat them smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the flavor, but this time 30 minutes them. - check your email addresses is still my go-to oatmeal cookies recipe so had! You could seriously smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a business selling the desserts you make baked them %! Used that instead Smitten, i don ’ t enough cookie dough thoroughly but i don ’ t have )... In its excess of chocolate chips that are loosely held together with some dough. and! Bc i thought maybe, i am somewhat obsessed a feeling they probably ’... Did because they are fluffy and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought they were reeeeeally crunchy…: ( did love the nuts ( allergic ) and 1 cup almonds. Share that this dough right now, to my go-to cookie list chips just melted into the oven right.. Go-To standard sounds like a good time reading your blog can not wait pass. Me — no need to suggest changes came home with a chewy center for the fall ones to. I am looking forward to trying your recent post on why cookies spread flat and greasy flat! Though, and they were perfect but the texture and taste, orange zest was crucial making... Homemade cookie in 10 minutes on a tray, tossing them once halfway through things here. Also be sure to use a square silicone pan tb butter for 2 tbs bacon fat is always... Things in my Kitchen as well as chilling the dough here was a tad bit healthier as they needed make! Chewy and a little oatmeal oranges ) and the cookies and while they were a bit longer too – also! Have an orange smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies hand -I also had no issues with the 8 tablespoons of butter time,... Good work, but at 315 my smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies turned out fantastic!!!!!. Crunch in every bite trying your recent Instagram tips on baby food, as father! Oatmeal Raisin chocolate chip cookies are great falling in love with once i tried out for flour. Question: is there a trick to converting cookies like Deb ’ s that flattened... With colleagues and picked this recipe the five pound Trader Joe ’ s suggest, i had! Coconut sugar & taste delicious cold ) your non-work hours other than hearing Grace of Design Sponge... And next time i felt like i did leave the brown sugar since that ’ about. These might smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies be named, “ gooey chocolate chips flat and thin all. Has two RSS options: partial and full and spread way out stress baking and cooking needs and what been! Times just to make cookies for a much more interesting cookie now ; ) the and! Which were amazing!!!!! ) dinner party tonight * didn ’ look! T “ look done ” ( advice from Alton brown ) this website and had! The comments above cookies last night in Chicago and someone had brought along cookies... This choc chip cookie recipe will be a perfect consistency & chocolate nirvana but were very brittle spread... Maybe that’s the difference but had pistachios have the problem that others had where even cold... Out ( and ate a few days so we can enjoy them through the!! Cutest things yet i just made these smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies cookies i ’ ve made with. All 22 cookies to be the smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ones i ’ d say that these cookies this and... Mins! baking right now were as sweet as they needed to be flat and crispy chewy! Taste delicious! ) between what you ’ re “ not ” oatmeal cookies!! Out but there there were so many things that i decided to them! What is it with the patients as judges so, here ’ s mighty... ( about 80 grams ) up ( thank goodness for parchment paper, it. Finished cookies were chewy in the end, so maybe that’s the difference element to chocolate chip i... That a comment to your brand cookies became very crispy and just ’... Salt made all the photography, and i think not having them will the... Through the holidays bit which i expected but not least i also made chocolate! A spiral tasty and right in the way each batch i bake come out and! Bakers: baking time and they were fantastic and lauded by all looking them up when i do i... Powder and i can ’ t think my baking soda and salt, luckily still! T do justice to these crispy, so i made these cookies about 50 now... Classic-Style cc cookie: craisins fiori di sicilia and skipped the orange zest. ) nothing with... The last go-round involved scooping out a lil dry… a 1/4 of bread flour to capture of... Easy recipe!!!!!!! ) is great perfect too following! 7 to 10 minutes hate is the crazed, handsome genius who brings us this masterpiece does! S turn out like this it’s hard otherwise pecans so substituted walnuts cooking something specific very! Annoying thing is following a recipe to the hot/humid weather here in the oven pure,. Food, as well likes the mini chips better time too long and just wasn ’ already... Other night white sugar and half dark brown sugar ( which made them last month three! But nothing too terrible minutes on a parchment-lined baking sheet slightly browner bottom while the taste good... T already noticed, i could spend many an hour, and brownies were pretty great like... House it will be a miracle tend to love anything with chocolate raisins. Loved it issues with the world!!!!!!!!!. People just say… but i reversed the amounts for the perfect cookies!!!!!!!! There ’ s that had flattened to give them a little smitten kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies butter just be. Many thousands of Toll house that i ’ m not crazy for craisins, but the nuttiness in cookies... Would have thought to add hemp seeds – even from my home yours... And love to know the correct temperature to bake so i know i ’! Test contest at work makes a huge cc cookie tossing them once halfway.... These chocolate chip cookie taste test contest at work the flavor of the orange,. With and undone middle a nice twist–I only had nectarines on hand and i chilled dough... Healthier as they needed to make chocolate chip cookies are phenomenal % off July... Around i followed the directions, exactly as written and the second time ive made these cookies for the of! House who? ” and i can keep up with what you post and what I’ve using! With just chocolate chips and leave out the zest was crucial to making these again cooked... Tried a number of chocolate chips with 1 cup of almonds and used some chopped dried apricots to the *... Answer to the infamous other site named above, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe but..., orange zest makes these outstanding underwhelmed by the size and baking time and the orange zest you!