newsletter, Current hospitalizations: 481 | Deaths: 1,212 | New cases: 3,489, Utah reports nearly 3,500 new COVID-19 cases for Friday and Saturday, Coronavirus: Utah responds to the pandemic, 2 arrested after fatal shooting in Utah on Christmas, ‘Abuelo’s Academy’ gives grandkids the gift of learning, safety during pandemic, Salt Lake Library’s ‘digital navigators’ helping address tech divide during COVID-19, 1 killed in West Valley City crash on Friday, These are the 4 most common COVID-19 symptoms, Letter: Congrats to UDOT for an amazing job on the Tech Corridor, The GOP is losing women — and needs to change its tone, Utah Utes football family mourns death of star running back Ty Jordan, Letter: The Electoral College doesn’t help small states anyway — so let’s abolish it. It's also $10 per vehicle to drive onto the island. So, to me, that alone makes it worth visiting. Sign up for the The Complete Guide to Visiting Capitol Reef National Park | Utah 2020, Why Kansas City is an Underrated Travel Destination, The Best Party Destinations In Mexico | The Partying Traveler, How To Become A Travel Influencer: A Detailed Guide, The Backpacker’s Guide to San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Make sure you check what time the gate to the island is closed, because you want make sure you're not stuck there. I visited Antelope Island only with the expectation of seeing some buffalo, but was blown away by its incredible scenery. Nature’s reward at the end of the day is a brilliant sunset, with oranges, reds, and yellows melting across the sky. We visited here 2 years in a row before booking a 4-Night stay at the Bridger Bay Campground. Some Of The Best Sunsets In The State Are Found On Utah’s Antelope Island. We came back to hundreds of flies buzzing around in our car. One can spend the day by the beaches, although some parts of the lake are quite stinky. Then, you likely need time … What we found was truly a rare experience you can’t find anywhere else. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon to catch those beaming lights is through the months of March to September between 10am-12pm but however, that’s also the most expensive and crowded time. Visitors can come and watch these animals any time of the year. The best months to visit are mid-May to mid-June, or late September to mid-October. Check out some Airbnbs in Ogden below. Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake are yet another testament to the incredible diversity that Utah offers. Availability doesn’t seem to be a problem, unlike some of Utah’s other popular destinations. Les sentiers de randonnée sont nombreux. There’s no doubt that one of the main attractions to Antelope Island is the wildlife that roams freely. Keep an eye out for some of Antelope Island’s year-round inhabitants, including buffalo, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope. While the buffalo are definitely the highlight of the island, other wildlife that you might see on the island include bobcats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, badgers, porcupines, and mule deer. If your heart is set on seeing the famous sunbeams of Upper Antelope Canyon, you’ll have to visit between late March and early October. As close as it is to Salt Lake City, this is an absolute gem of a park to visit. And of course, bring your camera. If you're looking for a little bit of a more adventurous time out there, bring your SUP or Kayak and hit the water. All Rights Reserved, Best time to visit Antelope Island is midspring, Utah star running back Ty Jordan killed in accidental shooting. While he carries a 35mm camera, Greenwood himself often uses a professional-quality medium-format camera, one with a motor drive and a hand grip. Antelope Island State Park is a 42-square-mile island located in the Great Salt Lake, just west of Ogden, Utah. We stopped at several view points on Antelope Island. We've been to Antelope Canyon at all times of day, and mid day will give you a great viewing experience. If you’re visiting in the summer, prepare for some overwhelming heat, and even more overwhelming bugs. Its close proximity to Antelope Island State Park makes it a perfect home base for exploring the area, especially if you don’t want to stay in the relatively boring and crowded Salt Lake City. It really depends on the time of year that you visit. If seeing nearby sights such as Lake Powell or Monument Valley is part of your trip itinerary, an early morning visit to Antelope may allow you to experience them all in one day. It can get very hot, and you’ll be half an hour away at the very least from the nearest facilities. The Best Time Of Year To Visit Antelope Canyon. It is protected as Antelope Island State Park. C'est une étape idéal entre les parcs du Sud de l'Utah et Yellowstone National Park. I initially thought that was a bit steep, which is why we had put it off for so long. How Easy Is It To Get Cocaine in Colombia? Over 160,000 visitors go through the mystic hallways of Antelope Canyon yearly. However, it gets extremely busy during that time. Off-roading is also a popular adventure, with some people opting to see the park via ATV. It really depends on the time of year that you visit. We stuck mostly to the road as she hobbled around awkwardly on her swollen left foot. April through October normally have excellent climate for Antelope Canyon It is also import to go from mid march to through the initial week in October so the sunlight is greater in the sky for much better lights. We made the mistake of leaving our car windows open while we stopped for some quick photos by the salt pans. What Is Traveling To Tulum During COVID Actually Like? Among his observations and suggestions: - The best time of year: He's visited the island in every season, of course, and all have their points. If you need a break from hiking, Antelope Island State Park’s got some more relaxing options. The annual bison roundup each fall is a particularly good time to view the bison. The hikes can vary from a few minutes to several hours long. Wild animals are often seen by people driving the park roads and hiking or biking the park's trails. John and I decided that it was time for us to explore what Antelope Island has to offer. If you would like to take a quieter photography tour of the canyon with … Unfortunately, my sister twisted her ankle twice the previous day on the hike up to Sunset Peak near the Brighton Ski Resort. - The best time of year: He's visited the island in every season, of course, and all have their points. But perhaps Antelope Island is at its best in midspring, for a few weeks in April and May, when the desert island may be at its greenest and the insects haven't yet taken over.- The best time of day for photographs: Probably early morning or late evening, when low-angle light adds to the scenic detail. I recommend checking out a place near the cute town of Ogden. We were on the third week of our camping and hiking trip, and our tired selves couldn’t do with another windy, sleepless night inside our flimsy tent. Here’s the scoop on a day trip to Antelope Island State Park. If you prefer to avoid the price and the crowd, it is suggest to go for 9am or 1pm. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is in April, May, September, or October, when the weather is warm but not sweltering, and there’s still a great chance of viewing the canyon’s light show. The monsoon season is active from mid-June through late September and the storms can be quite dangerous if you are caught in one on the water. These are based on an analysis of weather averages such as temperature, rainfall and number of hours of sunshine. Some of them start as low as $20 a night, which includes the $15 entrance fee to the park. Copyright © 2020 Deseret News Publishing Company. Buffalo, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and mule deer roam the island, and your chances of seeing them are pretty good if you spend time hiking or biking around. Antelope Island is a fine subject for sightseers and photographers, says Steve Greenwood. We initially planned to camp at Antelope Island State Park but decided against it after reading about the wind, heat, and bugs. From its various national parks, numerous ski destinations, and the Great Salt Lake, Utah is truly blessed with some of the best natural beauty in the country. Both are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.Cost: There is a $10 per vehicle daily use fee to visit Antelope Island. But most famous is Antelope Island's American Bison, introduced to the island in 1893 and now numbering some 600 animals. | The Great Salt Lake is the largest body of water west of the Great Lakes, but it's hard to say just exactly how big it is, as its size fluctuates. You won’t run into too many other people here. This island itself is […] To close in on a buffalo or a bird, you need at least a 200mm lens, "a 400 if you're really serious." The entrance fee to get in to Antelope Island State Park is $15 per vehicle. Best time to visit Antelope Island State Park(preferred time): 10:00 am - 03:00 pm Time required to visit Antelope Island State Park: 02:00 Hrs Try the best online travel planner to plan your travel itinerary! In 2020, the CFP selection committee got on the wrong side of national pundits and divided the country. However, not everyone’s a camper, and the humidity and bugs can ruin even the most hardened camper’s night. Antelope Island is the best place to visit it from and they have done a nice job with the state park. Antelope Island is the largest of 10 islands located within the Great Salt Lake in Utah. I wouldn’t call it a hidden gem necessarily, but for many out-of-state visitors like myself, it definitely goes under the radar a bit more. Discounts are available to seniors. Greenwood often plans half-day forays, beginning in the afternoon and extending his stay into the evening in hopes of a spectacular sun-set. Antelope Island has no shortage of hikes. Antelope Island, with an area of 42 square miles (109 km 2), is the largest of ten islands located within the Great Salt Lake, Utah, United States.The island lies in the southeastern portion of the lake, near Salt Lake City and Davis County, and becomes a peninsula when the lake is at extremely low levels. There are quite a few official campgrounds on the island. Complete Guide to Capitol Reef National Park, Visiting Zion National Park During the Coronavirus Pandemic. With stunning scenery all throughout, it’s worth the visit just for the views. Wide-angle lenses are excellent for landscapes and the island's rock formations. As a travel destination, few states come close to matching what Utah boasts. Take the Antelope Drive exit on Interstate-15, exit 332, and head west for approximately 15 miles. There are several beaches you could launch from. It was first established as a Utah State Park in 1969, and it has become a popular outdoor recreation area for Utahns as well as a refuge for antelope, bison, nesting birds, and other animals. Salt pans, reflective waters, wildlife, and beaches round it out as an amazing outdoor destination for adventurers. There are quite a few campsites to choose from at Antelope Island State Park. Antelope Island Hike, ... stroll along sandy beaches and take a dip in the lake’s salty waters or step back in time with a visit to the Historic Fielding Garr Ranch. Average temperatures in Antelope. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hey, CFP committee, it’s time to give gift of fairness to all. As a photographer, Antelope Island State Park felt like paradise. We didn’t even reach the island before we took our first stop for photos. University of Utah star freshman running back Ty Jordan was killed in what police believe was an accidental shooting Christmas night. The sun is too low in the sky in the winter months so if you are after the sunbeams, you will need to visit between March and October, with the best light between June and August. Mountains, surreal landscapes, and herds of buffalo roaming freely made it so that you would never run out of things to snap. We came back to hundreds of flies buzzing around in our car. The best place to experience the lake (and see the birds) is at Antelope Island State Park. The only time when it ever feels crowded are the stretches of road where the herds of buffalo graze near. Actually, we've never had bad light no matter what time of day. Albeit a humidity of 70%, marks a good time to explore the best things to do in Antelope. Getting Here. There are picnic areas and gorgeous viewpoints where one could spend the entire day. - See 1,192 traveler reviews, 1,897 candid photos, and great deals for Syracuse, UT, at Tripadvisor. Buffalo, deer, and a menagerie of birds make Antelope Island a highly biodiverse state park. In the fall you can witness the annual buffalo roundup, when cowboys corral the herd so scientists can monitor their health. About 45 minutes away from Downtown Salt Lake City, it’s a nearby outdoor escape from the hustle and bustle of Utah’s capital. We made the mistake of leaving our car windows open while we stopped for some quick photos by the salt pans. Between tour, staging, and inevitable delays you're likely best to allow about 3 hours for this. Dress warm. These ratings are based solely on the climate and do not take into account other factors such as accommodation prices and how busy it is likely to be. Since it is a bit of a drive even off the freeway and a fairly large park, I would plan at least 3-4 hours to do it any … Mid-Day If you want to experience the famous light beams in all their glory, plan your tour between 11 am and 1:30 pm during the spring or summer on a sunny day. However, we had a few hours to kill between check out and check in at different Airbnbs so we just decided to go for it. Antelope Weather in March-April: If you are contemplating the best time to visit Antelope, this period fits the bill just right. Antelope Island can be a high energy adventure or a more laid-back one. Find hotels and … In the summer, bring sunscreen, bug spray, and lots and lots of water. "Though, at this time of year, in the winter, the sun's so low it works pretty well any time of the day," he says. It’s home to free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, antelope, and various birds, making it a great location for hiking, biking, scenic driving, and viewing wildlife. A quick browse through the map given to you at the entrance will give you plenty of ideas for hikes. Antelope Island State Park: Spring time is the best time to visit no bugs. Still, the peak time to spot the greatest variety of migratory birds is late March through May (spring migration), and also July through September (fall migration). View thepartyingtraveler’s profile on Facebook, View thepartyingtraveler’s profile on Instagram, The Average Person's Guide To Becoming A Travel Influencer. Otherwise, the light won’t be strong enough, and the sun won’t be in the right position for the desired effect. Expect an average precipitation of 66.16 mm. Sure, I didn’t see a moose, but there was plenty of wildlife and plenty of otherworldly landscapes to play around with. If you’re visiting in the summer, prepare for some overwhelming heat, and even more overwhelming bugs. Please note that the hours for the Visitor Center and Fielding Garr Ranch may vary. Here’s a full list of campgrounds from Utah State Parks’ website. Do I need to book a tour in advance? Is Dead Horse Point State Park Worth Visiting? You’ll inevitably run into a number of cyclists throughout the park. … He packs a tripod and a mono-pod to stabilize his cameras; and, as a stock photographer, he brackets and shoots numerous frames when he thinks he has a strong image. The largest of Great Salt Lake’s islands, Antelope Island is also the most exciting. Frary Peak The View from Frary Peak - Photo: Thomas Bracken Frary Peak, the highest mountain on Antelope Island, is also home to the island’s most spectacular views. The first 30 minutes of the drive from Salt Lake City were monotonous and dull. By October the weather is beautiful and the crowds have thinned out. - What camera equipment to take: The average single-lens point-and-shoot camera will photograph landscapes pretty well, Greenwood says, but wildlife may not show up well. This is where we messed things up and the reason I travelled all the way to Arizona and almost didn’t get visit Antelope Canyon. Despite it being an island, a road connects it from the mainland, making it accessible by car. The problem with a quick visit in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer is that you probably won't really get a good understanding of the best parts. 3. The campsites are pretty primitive, but are also cheap. When Is the Best Time. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is either in peak season or low season: The light beams only occur around midday in high season from mid-March until mid-October. The weather is nice and sultry with the lowest temperature being around 36℉ and the warmest being a usual 82℉. However, late October could be a good chance to watch the bisons at the roundup. Antelope … There are a seemingly infinite number of photo opportunities at Antelope Island, and you’ll want to be prepared to capture them. Grazing Buffalo, Antelope Island, Utah. Antelope Island is located north of Salt Lake City, Utah near Syracuse. Best Places to Stay at Lake Powell Antelope Island was labelled as such in 2017 – and Utah now has more dark sky-certified spots than any other region on Earth (11 in total, though the list is ever-expanding). Some stretches of the drive made me feel like I was back in Chile’s altiplano, or Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. But perhaps Antelope Island is at its best in midspring, for a few weeks in April and May, when the desert island may be at its greenest and the insects haven't yet taken over.- The best time of day for photographs: Probably early morning or late evening, when low-angle light adds to the scenic detail. Antelope Island State Park est une île située en plein milieu du Grand Lac Salé. The Complete Guide to Traveling Tulum on a Budget | Mexico, 3 Of The Best Football Stadiums To Visit Around The World, How To Grow Your Tik Tok Account For Travel Bloggers, Guide to Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in One Day | Utah 2020, Top 8 Nightlife Destinations in the United States. Location: Davis County near Syracuse, UtahAntelope Island Hours: Open year round from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm March and October and 7:00 am to 7:00 pm November to February. As light pollution continues to scourge our skies, it’s never been more imperative to protect them. I had been lugging my heavy 75-300mm lens with me in the hopes of seeing a moose, and Antelope Island finally made the extra weight worth it. We visit Salt Lake City annually on business, and our friends told us the best hiking around was on Antelope Island where there are lots of bison and pronghorn (antelope). -Always check the weather especially for this kind of setting. When is best time to visit Antelope Canyon. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. The chart above shows the best time of year to visit Antelope, United States. Edgar Zuniga Jr. Another spot in Utah is the Henry Mountains bison herd, which consists of 300-500 animals. In the winter, it’ll be quite cold, although worth enduring to avoid the hordes of bugs that swarm you in the summers. The first non-native visitors to the island named it Antelope Island after hunting a pronghorn antelope. L'île, qui fait une superficie de 109 km², abrite la plus importante réserve de bisons de l'Utah (près de 700 bêtes), ainsi que de nombreuses espèces d'oiseaux. Then, out of nowhere, you get transported to another planet. While you can witness the sunset pretty much anywhere, Antelope Island is one of the best places in Utah to photograph one. Camping is a popular option for people visiting Antelope Island State Park. - See 1,192 traveler reviews, 1,897 candid photos, and great deals for Syracuse, UT, at Tripadvisor. Antelope Island is home to free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn (antelope), and many other desert animals. It’s quieter in low … If it’s absolutely essential that you get a glimpse of the light beams, plan your vacation for June, July, or August and be ready to deal with the crowds. I mean, it’s called Antelope Island for a reason, hey? Everyone comes and stops for photos, although the island is super spread out that it often feels like you’re the only one around. Explore Antelope Island State Park holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.