I think there may be some confusion between a couple products here, the SRD is a one coat system but it is a matte finish. Thank-you!!! Hi, Others are OK. Can I use a Sikkens product to paint over the existing Sadolin on the remaining boards and the new boards or should I use Sadolin on the new areas. It is not supposed to be shiny, that means it will be prone to peeling. How do you remove excess product from glass? If we didn’t, would it change the color? I want to put an acrylic/urethane coating as a top coat. 1. Never have done siding with sikkens, but love the SRD on decks. Will it treat the new boards ok. open it up stir it well find a test board, it might be just fine, i have done it with paint or stain from two years old, When applying seekins not everyone can do it right you have to apply with stain to all four sides of the wood including under the deck to keep it from blistering and popping so the moisture does not get to it and keep it washed at least once a year to prevent the mold from growing and causing it to grow under the Finish when you use this product it requires a lot of Maintenance but it is a beautiful deck once it is done. What is the best way to apply this? 20. It says can be purchased at Walmart or Home Depot and we can not find the Sikkens product we have been using it for over 25 years why can’t we find it. ft No, do not sand. I used Cetol 1 to stain the interior of the windows in my log home. I bought filler and would like to know if I can fill the holes with a mix of Sikkens and wood filler. Looked great, big deck so it took me about 20 hours. How long can I wait (maximum) before applying a wood finish on a vertical surface (siding) once the preparation has been done? Do I need to do any light sanding or scuffing before applying the required 2nd coat? They add now, for whatever reason, linseed oïl in it. Ask Deck Help Questions & Post Product Reviews! 570-604-8808 Ken noll. You will need to remove all previous coating and start over with a new stain brand at this point. Best Deck Prep? Sikkens PPG ProLuxe Cetol SRD Deck Stain Review. I have an exterior door that has been coated with Cetol 1. We have a new western red cedar fence and would like to use Cetol SRD. Best to contact them for help. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. It Rained Shortly After Staining. Sorry but it is not possile to have a quality penetrating semi-transparent stain in those colors. Visually inspect the coating and when it appears faded spray the surface with water. The stain that was left on the dock had either deteriorated away or darkened in color. Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of alkaline salts. Some areas of the country therefore have more efflorescence than others. Both treatments were applied in ideal conditions as per instructions. Excellent for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces such as siding, rails, decks and deck furniture. What is the best system for doors and windows, especially where they receive southern UV exposure? Can an insecticide be added to the Cetol 23 Plus? I would like this on my picnic table. Never had any good luck with it. 1. in the past i used cwf on exterior log walls of my log home. If so, that’s just crazy. They have change the formula. What could I use for a base coat that would be compatible with the cetol23. The order of the pictures changed on my previous post. They mostly flatten out after drying but a few remain after fully dried. Before applying acid, dampen the surface with clean water to prevent absorption into the surface. (This will no longer be a stocking item for us, thus, what we have on the shelf is ‘A Really Good Deal). When should I apply the caulking when using the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus or Cetol Log & Siding system on my log home? Applied SRD on exsisting cetol finish on veranda. This is an independent review site and not affiliated with Sikkens. I’d like apply a different product this summer. It has to be removed. I want to fill the nail holes on the outside of my house. Sikkens Proluxe Cetol SRD is a one coat, oil-based, translucent exterior wood finish. The RUBBOL ® 100% UV range from Sikkens Wood Coatings offers you new possibilities to increase your Wood or PVC window manufacturing efficiency, by using instant drying solutions, leading to shorter production times to increase your capacity and generate energy savings.. Application Tools: Pad, Brush, Roller A: One coat of PPG Proluxe ® SRD Semi-Transparent Wood Finish can be used on fences after proper surface preparation. I live in MN. Rubbol Solid DEK makes take several days to dry. I would like to paint my picnic table. I went in a lot of of trouble because of that everlasting stickiness. Which Cetol translucent product can be used on both siding and decking surfaces? and btw,…. Other sources include moisture generation from interior activities, ground water wicking and condensation. After the long winter here in Minnesota I noticed some slight peeling, thought maybe a little peeling would be normal. We have a log cabin that we built about 20 years ago. I have overspray on the windows and field stone. Cost: $49.99 per Gallon, $239.99 per 5 Gallon Pail Surely, you would have to remove the Sikkens completely every time you went to restain year after year. Now what?? is an effective way to clean the wood without hand scrubbing or sanding the entire surface (which is the most effective way to prepare the wood). Total garbage. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection, ultimate durability and a beautiful furniture-like appearance with the simplicity of a one product, two coat application. Stain Color Used: Natural Cedar. Since i live in California , everything seems to be reformulated for VOC emissions. I don't want to rent a power washer for the cleaning procedure. Dry Time: 6-25 Hours 10. Recently after some years I bought again that product now own by Sico. Where can I buy Sikkens deck stain in Winnipeg, Manitoba? Brush or power wash stubborn areas. Can Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment be used on a deck? Available Colors: 60 Colors Has excellent UV protection and allows for high quality, beautiful wood clarity. Used on - Siding, Decks, Wall shakes, Wall shingles, Boat docks, Fences and Outdoor Furniture. Expected to get more for the money it cost!, I agree, I did my deck carefully last year and it looks awful. We do not recommend just two coats for an extended period of time. Can Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment be used on a deck? You will need to remove and start over. For poorly ventilated decks or decks less than 2 feet from the ground use Cetol SRD. Some areas have a slight shine to it but barely anywhere. I would like to paint my picnic table. You cannot apply an exterior deck stain or sealer over the Minwax interior stain. What should I do to remove oil and resins on the surface of hardwoods such as Ipe or Teak? What should I do to remove oil and resins on the surface of hardwoods such as Ipe or Teak? is three coats of Cetol 1. I was told that we are in a VOC area. i am not looking for picture perfect finish and with 4 40ft silos, 3 barns and more, i am looking for some economy yet preserve this old old ranch. Is this acceptable? If it still repels water, do not apply a maintenance coat. Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment is not available in your area, we recommend using a non-film forming wood preservative with no water repellent additives. We will probably only have time to apply one or two coats. It’s peeling badly. The appearance is uneven. Can you recommend the best Semi Transparent stain to apply that will highlight this wood as well as protect it from UV rays? What should I do now? can i switch to sikkens easliy? TooK me hours but after sitting with sun all day, the deck was clean and brighter. We are building a new log home in the late fall. Contact us for orders over 25 gallons for additional discounts. I have a 1/2 gallon left in the original sealed container. Not happy. Take into consideration that results may differ due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering. In which conditions can mildew grow on wood or the surface of a coating? Next day I used sikkens SRD. What should I do? since i have owned it the last 20 years, i have applied “oil based semi solid stain” to both penetrate the wood to lengthen its life and to match the original ranch ‘green”. Then I actually got on my hands and kneels and section by section sprayed straight bleach to area. Two years ago we used sico premium deck wood finish stain in cedar color. These areas flashes even in field areas where there is no overlapping of material. From what I see, it is better to use the oil base so that it can be recoated without completely stripping the old -transparent Matte Wood finish. 22. Siding of house I guess would still be ok. What are the rules to follow when using the Cetol DEK Finish system on a deck? 36. Can Rubbol Solid DEK be applied on a Fiberglass door? The cleaning process we recommend will completely remove this slight surface graying. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of these products. No. )Preparation must include mechanical sanding with 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. I used it on an outdoor swing on my patio at the beach in southern California near the water and It looks great. The following spring we will apply the final coat. I was told that it needs to be completely stripped before a reapplication can be made. All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. As for another coat, just follow their directions. No, we do not recommend adding anything to our translucent products. 4. 23. If it is dry, it will have to be scraped off with a single edge razor blade. Coats Required: 1 Coat Product Details. Can you spray the proluxe or should it be rolled on? The PPG ProLuxe product line will contain all of the same Sikkens ProLuxe products and formulas, but will now showcase the updated PPG ProLuxe name and new packaging. I would like this on my picnic table. Application Guide or on the website at www.nam.sikkens.com Deck SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS (including covered porches) 10-11 Cetol® DEK Base & Cetol DEK (translucent satin finish) 10 Cetol SRD (translucent flat finish) 10 Rubbol DEK (solid color satin finish) 11 Cetol DEK system (translucent satin finish) 11 EXOTIC HARDWOOD SYSTEMS & APPLICATIONS 12 I was told that we are in a VOC area. Our house was coated with one coat of an oil base stain about 1 ½ years ago. The bad thing about Sikkens in my area is the rep. It is developing a lot of mold and mildew, and in some of the exposed areas it has weathered off. Much better than other PPG Proluxe stains that filmed on top of the wood like a varnish. The high solids of the SRD stain darkened significantly. Can I apply Rubbol Solid DEK over a previously coated decks? Same bad experience here. Sikkens is disgusting . 15. No, Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment will not prevent the wood from graying. Contractor highly recommended Sikkens Cetol SRD RE and applied it to my deck last summer. I sanded my deck and applied the new stuff. Applied same water based SRD on new steps and it pealed within 9 months. This bad experience (and expense) makes me wish I had paid extra for composite decking. 2. What can I use now over the old stain. I’ve been staining decks for 30 years and this is the worst results I’ve ever experienced! The three way UV protection combined with high solids alkyd resin make Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Stain another example of the advancements central to Sikkens Next Wave Technology. This Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Wood Stain was designed This Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Wood Stain was designed use on a variety of exterior surfaces like siding, rails, decks or outdoor furniture. Then I used a scrub brush and Murphy wood soap and scrubbed Like it was a interior floor. Can't tell you how many nice summer days I spent sanding that &^%$ deck. Don’t ever use it . We have used Sikkens SRD in clear and pigmented colors. Is there a problem with that? Do I have to sand or can I just put on a new coat. Stripping and sanding will be needed. However, we have experienced shiny flashing in areas even after drying. I just sanded down to bare wood and put the first coat of Mahogany Cetol Dek. If is OK to apply two coats of Cetol SRD to my home? Rain, water and snow are the primary source of moisture. We had many issues with the SRD dripping into the water below the dock creating an oily haze to the water. When using Cetol finishes, why is it always recommended to perform a test with the number of coats required on a sample of the wood? This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. Can Rubbol Solid DEK be applied on a Fiberglass door? Which system should be used when a film-building, translucent system is desired on a deck? The following spring we will apply the final coat. In May I used Sikkens Cetrol SRD 078 Natural. Is this the best product to use? This time, I decided I'd be practical and just go with the SRD semi-transparent stain. Nothing can go over it and work correctly. I will not walk on it for another day or so. You would have to strip it. Cetol 1 is in fact a dilute version of cetol 23 to be able to penetrate more in the wood before the thickier coat. 2- What type of product can be applied over the sikkens? )The wood must be coated on all six sides. Good Morning, I have a home in NJ, built in 1960, that has “California Redwood” siding that we have sanded down to its original state, The first 2 pictures below show before sanding and the 3rd shows after sanding. Joel Chabot I live in California and have a new cedar sided house. This is the best system to use on unique applications. What product would you recommend? Our experience on a cedar home was that it lasted very well – house built in 2008, no restaining needed until last year.. A victim of the VOC regulatory changes, perhaps? 24. I don't want the wood to grey. Do I have to put a top coat over Cetol Log Décor? I applied using a brush and then within minutes wiped off excess with a rag. Before applying I power washed and lightly sanded the 8 month old wood before applying the stain. Yes, first wipe the surface with liquid sandpaper, scuff the surface with a nylon scuffing pad and then apply two coats. Clean, Strip, or Sand the Deck? More exposed areas rotted. So disappointed. – Very poor. We were pleased with the natural Satin look it gave. Yes, one coat of Cetol SRD can be used on fences. I have sprayed Cetol SRD on my siding. – After 2 years we noticed a lot of black mold growing on the dock. We used the Sikkens products on the entire inside and outside and parts of it have with held the test of time. The original Akzo Nobel Sikkens two coat process seems to have disappeared. Which Cetol translucent product can be used on both siding and decking surfaces? SRD verion or the shiny DEK version of Sikkens? Stained the deck today and there was no signs of rain,now it rained, what will happen? Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol SRD is a one coat, translucent finish that is easy to use. Deck Wood Type: Pine Boat Dock Judging by these reviews, that was a mistake. – At the 2 year mark, Sikkens PPG Proluxe Cetol SRD lost a lot of color after 24 months of full sun exposure. Strip it all off, brighten the wood, stain with one of these top brands: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/best-semi-transparent-deck-stain-reviews-2020/, We also have a deck treated with sikkens, just 2 years old and looks like crap!! 29. Can I still use the remainder in the gallon. Recoating will not fix the issue. I would suggest calling them for help. It has never peel or fade. Finish your deck with this Sikkens "Cetol(R) DEK" Finish Stain. Why are you advertising a one step process; when I don’t think it is. Used sikkens cetrol SRD. I have looked at Sikkens and Olympic….but they both have limitations according to the reviews. – Akzo Nobel/PPG is one of the largest stain manufacturers in the world with Sikkens being the most popular. Is this a recommended system? Hi I have 5 gals of Sikken cetol 23 left over and I would like to use it on my bunk house that has been stripped. Any recommendations? *All products tested and results are from our experience. What do I have to do? We were thinking of putting on one coat of Cetol 1 and one coat of Cetol 23 Plus. The easy-to-use finish has excellent UV protection and allows beautiful wood … The recommended system would be one coat of Cetol 1 applied prior to installation to all sides of the wood, then two coats of Cetol 23 Plus after installation. Follow manufacturer's application and safety directions. I want to use the Sikkens translucent product on my house. In 2017 PPG changed and transitioned the name of Sikkens branded products for exterior wood to PPG ProLuxe for North America. I have a feeling that they changed the product and it will not look like the first time, which was gorgeous. Re the suggestion for the mistake I made using plastic wood and then stained w Sikkens Cetol SRD #078. The 6 Best Deck Stain Reviews and Ratings... What is the Best Deck Stain 2020? Log Pre-Treatment can be used on a deck for temporary protection when weather conditions will not allow the application of a Sikkens deck system (i.e., late fall).