I was an ignorant noob. Once aligned, check alignment is the same on the outer grid. Just click on the protractor icon below for an automatic email to be generated. Choose the geometry you want to use: Baerwald (B), Lofgren (L) or Stevenson (S). Out of curiosity, I picked up a Baerwald protractor, and checked to see if alignment was OK. Well, it was off - and it was pretty obvious when I took pictures. It's obvious, too, from some of the other forums that those that claim they use `Baerwald/ Lofgren "B" ` are confused because the alignment null points are not identical. I thought I had my cartridge good-to-go on my Technics SL-1210GR. The calculation of parameters were carefully carried out according to Lofgren and Baerwald equations and Stevenson (for Rega alignment). Then the cartridge offset is adjusted to the Baerwald, Stevenson, or Lofgren alignment, the Feickert offers all three types. B ALIGN CARTRIDGE IN HEADSHELL 1. 3. Therefore a given protractor can be used for any tonearm length. Tracking Wizard’s Alignment Protractor is designed and made specially for this tonearm and based on its geometrical parameters, so will improve the trackability of your phono cartridge much better than stock and universal alignment tools! Overhang was good-to-go, and I eyeballed the alignment. The Lofgren-B alignment equations, a very popular alternative to the Baerwald model, prescribe a slightly different effective length for any given mounting distance. The null points do not vary with tonearm length. For the AT-LP1240-USB Turntable, the effective length is 230 mm. When we receive the email, we will send you a high resolution .pdf file copy of the alignment gauge by return. Screw the gauge tower on the disc and place the Protractor on the platter. If you choose to use a different protractor, it is important to select one that is suitable for the effective length of the tonearm on your turntable. Move (twist) cartridge in headshell till cartridge stylus is parallel with grid lines. Free Download The Phædrus Audio Phono-cartridge alignment protractor is available free from Phaedrus Audio. The null points on the alignment tool are at distances of 2.77 inches and 4.60 inches from the spindle center. Inputs to the Löfgren "A" Alignment Calculator are highlighted in yellow: Effective Length, Innermost Groove, and Outermost Groove. Looking at that Turntable Basics protractor, it certainly appears easy to use - but then the Mint is too by all accounts. That is the role of the alignment protractor. A truly outstanding design now made even better, Dr. Chris Feickert's next generation protractor system aligns your cartridge with ultimate accuracy for tonearms with an effective length from 8.6 - 17.7 inches. 2. The alignment protractor for the Baerwald alignment is different from the alignment protractor for Stevenson alignment. Aim with the pin in the gauge exactly over the pivot point of the tonearm. Once you have set stylus overhang (step A), adjust tracking force to approx 1.5 grams. Place needle gently on circled cross of inner grid. Things sounded OK, so wasn't worried. ... (Lofgren A), Stevenson, Lofgren B designs. An alignment protractor should be marked as Baerwald (or Lofgren A), or Stevenson. For the AT-LP120-USB turntable, the effective length is 230.5 mm. So, I really fail to see the need for an ultra precision alignment protractor, as the best alignment is probably different for different LPs and individual users. Lofgren A Alignment - Löfgren A Inner groove radius = 60.325 (IEC) Outer groove radius = 146.050 (DIN/IEC) Pivot to spindle distance = 215.000 Inner null radius = 65.998 Outer null radius = 120.891 Effective length = 232.817 Overhang = 17.817 Offset angle = 23.664°