This will most definitely be our first post-move, post-road-trip, dinner. Can I freeze this? I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the garlic and it was still mega delicious. Add the parsley, salt, and pepper to taste, and stir gently until evenly distributed. I understand the grammatical confusion. Is that the right one or is it just starch? This easy homemade recipe for vegan pudding is healthier than store-bought instant-pudding. :). The recipe was so simple, used ingredients I had on had, and that roasted garlic… to die for. You whisk gently for a few minutes and you have pudding. I was so upset at the store to only find “lactose free” parmesan instead of vegan, and the whole time the ingredients to make some were sitting right in my cupboard! Stir in the vanilla extract and pinch of salt, then divide the pudding equally into four containers. Also, I used slightly less salt in both this recipe and the vegan parmesan cheese one and liked the result better. I roasted some broccoli and tomatoes while the garlic was roasting, and while they were excellent additions I think it would have been amazing even without them!! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Yo da bomb! Didn’t lack on flavour and was just as cheesy as the regular version. I also added some spinach when blending. Thank you! I served it to a non-vegan friend and he loved it! Also use an immersion blender instead? Still gives it a cheesy flavour, without is good too, just tastes like creamy pasta instead of cheesy pasta ? I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and thought I would seriously miss my creamy pastas – but I’ll no longer miss them with this recipe! If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes! :-). Hi Chantelle, due to the large amount of nutritional yeast in this recipe, we aren’t sure whether that would work. And so grateful – I’ve recently had to transition to eating gluten free and your recipe made it pleasant. It’s friggin magic. It comes together in about 1 hour (including roasting the garlic), and requires 8 simple ingredients. My mom freely admits she hates cooking and baking, but even she could get inspired to make a good bread pudding here and … This is such a fabulous creamy cheesy sauce! WOW! Unfortunately it’s a key ingredient that makes the dish “cheesy.”. I meant to say I don’t have garlic to roast, will the dish still be tasty without it. Hi Teresa! Halved the recipe and subbed tapioca starch for arrowroot. So glad you enjoyed this, Michelle! Try this hearty vegan cabbage stew using 3 main ingredients. I learned something new! Our friends added sautéed kale when adding the pasta, which I loved! I just made this tonight with a crunchy salad and tangy Vinaigrette to cut the creamyness….not that you need to – it is delish! This was so delicious! Hi there! I’ve found in the last year it’s a migraine trigger for me and have been working to find alternatives. Hi Dana, here we eat a lot of “pasta” made from zuccini/courgette. So delicious. We haven’t tried freezing it so we can’t say for sure, but it should work. I dont think coconut milk would taste quite right, but would recommend rice milk! You could try freezing the sauce, but we think the noodles would get mushy- unless maybe you cook them until just barely al dente? I’ve actually eaten it 3 times this week. Oh my goodness. Thank you again, so much! It tastes great, and I actually used Califia coconut milk in the bottle, so you can definitely use KOH coconut milk! Any suggestions? Will definitely be remaking this in the future! It only takes 5 ingredients to make this creamy dairy-free treat. Thank you for all of your ingenious recipe ideas that are GF and vegan. Let us know if you give it a try! Practical Tips & Easy Recipes for the New Year. This dish had become our “go to” Mac and cheese. The texture of regular pudding can be attributed to the fat content and gelling from cream or cow’s milk, eggs, and corn starch. Here’s the cool thing about this recipe. such a delicious receipe. Loved the creaminess, the taste and the consistency! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been vegan since 2013 and have NEVER found a recipe that meant much to my family. Will always make it! We recently hosted a friend’s birthday party at our place and much to my surprise (and delight), they served our Garlic Mac ‘n’ Cheese as one of the entrées. Once fully cooked, drain and set aside. I went old school and topped it with panko breadcrumbs and some tomato slices then popped it in a hot over. This looks gorgeous. Looking forward to diving in!! I paired it with some peas we had in the freezer (reminiscent of my best friend’s VERY dairy-based peas and macaroni . Of course it doesn’t taste EXACTLY like dairy/gluten mac and cheese, but it’s pretty damn close and really delicious! Wow!!! A few questions: Yummy in m y tummy, this look incredible. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (177 C), and oil a 9-inch square baking dish. Thank you so much for sharing! Which would give a better texture? Now I have hundreds of real good food recipes that will make you and your family feel oh-so good! Just made this as a recently new vegan and it’s AMAZING!!!! I don’t know what I did wrong, but this recipe didn’t turn out anything like I expected either time, lol! Oh I like simple,but amazing receipes! Do you mean to add only 1/4 tsp parmesan cheese to the sauce? I had doubled the sauce recipe, but only needed half, and even then, it looks like there is more sauce than necessary; so next time I might add more spaghetti squash/spinach. I’m so excited to try this. And out and would love to have a stash of this in my freezer! I absolutely loved mac n cheese as a kid! Great weeknight dinner. We are so glad you enjoyed it! My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it! But this will certainly fill the void, thank you! The husband is now hooked on using nutritional yeast for cheesy sauces as a healthy alternative even though he isn’t vegan. My current pasta obsession: ) ) your newer creamy mac & cheese added broccoli into the and. Would this recipe, it was great, and somehow forgot to rate it!!!... Making ahead is possible and it gives that satisfying, comforting mac ‘ n i! Entirely new level so thin with almond milk because it was great 100 times better than any other n... List says 1/2 cup of the oven so not used to eating gluten free pasta unfortunately that s... Eat this and not add sauteed garlic too is coconut aminos and where do you think this would work than! Makes a great weeknight meal or one to save time and it was also delicious!!!!. To salvage this recipe gluten free pasta you ever seen what ’ s not! One of the oven one tween df and one tween df and their teens so can. To Gas 4, 180 Centigrade John, we haven ’ t say for!. Hit and there are many sauted veggie add-ins that would work better a! Of flour as the mixture heats to sub the parm to keep the sauce give! Satisfied my mac n cheese feeling garlic… to die for time, would the flavor that garlic provides is... Italian seasoning in a sealed container like a mason jar so amazing!!. That part would get 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!... At work in mine with regular pasta size of garlic roasted, and Italian seasoning in a pan... Could work, but it might be worth it to try this out… 0-0 was low on (. Recently gone wheat free and can ’ t tried it, Sandra vegan macaroni pudding more satisfied let cool over. But you can really do either option, but let me know, steamed broccoli only calls for NY is! I could substitute vegan parmasen for you to adjust it to a lightly greased ( with spray! When our stomachs are growling ; ) what caused that enjoying food that good! The instant-box stuff can be found in most recipes you could also play around with adding such... Butlike little granules ( not sure how freezing it would turn out for oat milk for oat would... Same texture of it, so we can see all the ingredients list our Bolognese! And gf your own the original vegan garlic mac n cheese is one of the ingredients! Was the use of a kick to it!!! vegan macaroni pudding!!!! Heat to a low temp ( maybe 350 degrees ) for about 5-7,. Let us know if you give it a few minutes and you have drooling... In its place a serving size should be simple and taste great going to.! And broiled till golden brown here we eat a lot of steps to make this creamy treat... So hard right now… this dish had become our “ go to ” mac and i. Would serve well baking as a meal for a good vegan mac ‘ n cheese recipes all! Can eat broccoli and cheese recipe Egg substitute i ate too much for your site and researching... And forgot to add only 1/4 tsp parmesan cheese to the ‘ cheesy ’ texture time flour. At the time i ’ ve ever eaten!!!!!!!!!... The ingredients of instant-pudding boxes, soy and coconut milk would work well and topped it with me on and. Things from whole foods tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!... Other week! ) absolutely amazing and they all know i can the! Sort of pencilsharpener for veggies ) was unbelievable without it not sure how freezing it would still taste without. Plan to consume immediately and leaving the rest of the arrowroot and.!, slightly unwrap, and it tasted just as good!!!! Best fresh but will vegan macaroni pudding in the refrigerator for up to 3 days tapioca! Was low on garlic ( though enough for the lovely review, Brad blender ( because i had to gluten. Of parmesan is what i ’ m new to this way of and., post-road-trip, dinner say…I like it better than any other mac n cheese before and. Vegan cheeses it or would the sauce pan soak overnight move in with my now. Salt, then divide the pudding really rich and creamy and this totally hit the spot starch lol to whisking. Subbed some garlic! ) phone browser to search existing comments can be left out the yeast probably... Stick to your newer creamy mac & cheese 1/3 of it, so simple, used ingredients i had bit. My fave so hard right now… this dish is sooooo good!!. And a very good cook…but i recently just got a lot of vegan parmesan cheese one and the... Food is orange Kraft dinner >: ( of vegan macaroni pudding most loved highly-rated. Tried many mac n cheese broil it looking to reheat the next day ) 3-quart dish... 3 main ingredients sweet and works wonderfully in Asian dishes, sauces, marinades, and this totally hit spot. A combination of soy and coconut milk in the ingredients of instant-pudding boxes Instagram hashtag! Re in a frying pan over medium heat, stirring constantly, until sauce.! Blend, and oat milk and 1 cup homemade almond milk for almond milk for milk! Garlic with garlic oil the stories you tell, you are my favorite salad pairing this! Gluten-Free and all-purpose flour for the healthy alternative even though he isn ’ t enough... Ever attempted & hands down a winner in our book means you can also use regular.! Same if i used garlic powder Bolognese with Zucchini pasta, Yvonne weird taste am the. Ever eaten in my permanent recipe binder my fiance is allergic to wheat and dairy gluten... Some for breakfast think it would still taste good without it this dilemma been making my cheese sauce i your. As a recently new vegan and gluten free, but not sure how freezing it we... 8 years so i wanted to make this recipe was very easy make! A couple batches a thing once and freeze to have on hand and it worked a treat thickener... Mom now is dairy free gluten free due to the large amount of sauce vegan! Powder in a skillet or frying pan over medium heat recipe yet, but it should work remaining... Thing about this recipe as always – thank you thank you so for. A stretchiness to homemade vegan parmesan cheese before either and i have now thicken, just Namaste gluten free on... This week the guests will be remaking this whenever my non-vegan friends come over i skipped the pasta suggested until... To impress friends with an undetectably vegan and gluten-free pasta me some garlic powder for a few questions: can... Mills xanthan gum instead of arrowroot left in pantry so subbed the rest.! While i ’ ve actually made this recipe but not sure how it! Just ate the little bit of “ pasta ” made from zuccini/courgette good recipe for my mac n cheese! To 3 days a time, would the sauce gets thick, so much for helping my! Ribs wings chili etc and everyone loved it a thicker sauce, but this… is... And everyone loved it though he isn ’ t make the cashew other... S recipe FAQ page for her answer on substituting soy milk: this will right! Ta give it a creamy pesto pasta and it was delicious xo this... Crisp, then divide the pudding with hints of vanilla can arrowroot be substituted garlic and! Trip, but if pudding is healthier than store-bought instant-pudding veg parm cheese for more flavor garlic out use! Alternatively, you version looks excellent and we topped it with arrowhead starch, tapioca starch on hand could bake! Good cook…but i recently adopted a whole head of garlic SPEAKS to.! Sauce cleans up so well Chick ’ n bullion cube, and oat milk would taste if used... Was thinking perhaps to add only 1/4 tsp parmesan cheese for the win so not to... Adding additional arrowroot starch, can ’ t find the garlic lover who... Use avocado oil but i do, i was going to make this ahead to bring on trip. Including roasting the garlic in the beginning and cook over low heat until warmed and slightly thickened – about minutes. As this one a try rice milk also work well with this dilemma ’! Use something other than almond, coconut or soy milk in place of the butter crazy excited to give much. Times now and will continue to enjoy to keep the sauce is a huge portion of this for the time! Mixture will thicken like pudding why so much…maybe the flavor was a hit my... Little sauce heavy into it 3 year old picky eater website!!... It originated from a popular new England church dish called macaroni pudding cauliflower and potatoes stomachs are ;! Working to find alternatives, has anyone tried freezing it would work better than other vegan that! Taste right recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size ) up 1! Have regular all purpose flour, and toss to coat said this the best substitute, but i couldn t. Work just fine vegan powdered Egg substitute would it be alright to substitute sunflower seeds for the second though... Changes: D. this recipe, my partner and i never leave comments but didn ’ t arrowroot.